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Sponsored tech challenges for water technology innovators

Milwaukee (USA) - If you have a water tech idea or prototype with high potential for implementation or commercialization, the Water Council is the link to get you to the next stage of development with corporate sponsors ready to help you make your idea a reality.
As an applicant, your application will be reviewed by the corporate R&D team sponsors and if you are chosen, you’ll get the opportunity to present your innovation to A.O. Smith, Badger Meter and Zurn and compete for:
  • Funding with maximum total prize money of $15,000
  • Opportunity for high potential for joint commercialization with market leaders
  • Access to sponsoring companies’ R&D team expertise
Our Corporate partners are seeking innovative solutions for water quality sensing and/or remediating for:
  1. heavy metals and industrial chemicals (such as lead, PFOA and PFAS) in water and wastewater, and
  2. microbiological organisms in water and remediation using alternative disinfection technologies (non-chlorine)

The Challenge is open until November 1st at www.watertechhub.com  

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