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TQ Talent Night

A new generation of innovative young leaders show that vibrant ecosystems rely more than ever on their people and their willingness to be innovative and to take action. Our goal is to give young people access to the Frankfurt Startup ecosystem and allow them to experience the possibilities that lie within it. Connecting students with startups is the best way to enable young companies to grow and at the same time show talented students new way of reaching their full potential aside the corporate jungle.

The TQ Talent Night provides the opportunity to engage in a spirited exchange of ideas and provides a lively platform for valuable discussions and enriching encounters.

If you are intrigued by this opportunity, want to experience the entrepreneurial spirit or just enhance your network, grab a ticket and visit us on the 24th of January 2018.


15.30_Startup Fair
18.15_Reception for Panel
18.30_Introduction by Dr. Thomas Funke, Co-Director TechQuartier
19.00_Panel Discussion
20.00_Networking & Party

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Veranstalter Techquartier
Datum 24. Januar 2018
15:30 h - 23:00 h
Termin speichern
Ort Techquartier
Platz der Einheit 2, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
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