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18.09.2018 - 21.09.2018

BIOFLAVOUR 2018 - Biotechnology of Flavours, Fragrances and Functional Ingredients

Frankfurt - das Technologieland Hessen ist der diesjährige Partner der zweiten internationalen Tagung Bioflavour 2018 unter der Leitung des DECHEMA e.V. vom 18.-21. September in Frankfurt am Main.

Bioflavour 2018 cordially invites scientists from all around the world to discuss cutting-edge bioflavour research, academic and industrial alike. In 2015 we had the first Bioflavour conference in the era of modern biotechnology with high quality lectures and posters, intense discussions and relaxed and “flavourful” social events. More than 150 participants from over 20 different countries came to Frankfurt, Germany. We also had over 40% attendees from industry which illustrated the commercial relevance of the conference topic.

Bioflavour 2018 acknowledges the ongoing industrial transformation towards a bioeconomy and the push in the chemical industry to develop green and sustainable processes. Here, biotechnology plays a key strategic role. In this context, biotechnology is recognised as providing the tools and expertise to establish sustainable production routes starting from renewable resources rather than relying on fossil fuel sources.

Bioflavour 2018 expands the scope beyond flavours and fragrances and includes functional ingredients as well. The borders between these ‘FFF’ compounds are rather flexible and biotechnology is a key driver to new products and processes for all of them. Often, flavour and fragrance compounds themselves have known additional functionalities, such as antimicrobial or antioxidative activities, or are structurally closely related to bioactive compounds. Companies and research groups are on their way to develop microbial and plant cell factories to produce flavours, fragrances and bioactives whose use in foods, beverages, cosmetics, agricultural and pharmaceutical products is a sought-after application of high commercial value.

Bioflavour 2018 topics range from functional characterisation and metabolic engineering of FFF biosynthesis in plants and microbes to cell factories and bioprocessing and finally to mechanisms of olfaction and ligand-receptor interaction. Different disciplines, from plant science and microbiology, genomics, biochemistry, cell physiology to systems and synthetic biology, metabolic and enzyme engineering will be addressed. Also, novel developments in biocatalysis, fermentation and downstream processing will be covered. The use of all these disciplines and their technologies is increasingly important for many different applications: e.g. for improving product yields in plants, optimising the aroma profile and intensity or nutritional or health-promoting value during food and beverage fermentations or developing tailored microbial cell factories for the production of specific FFF compounds, to name only a few. Furthermore, expanding knowledge about the biology of olfaction and receptors leads to new strategies for tailored natural products and their application.

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